Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People's Recognition Bill 2012

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  I rise in support of the Indigenous Recognition Bill before us today. It is appropriate that we debate this bill in the week of the annual Closing the Gap statement. In some regards it brings a symmetry to the debate. Yesterday's statements by the Prime Minister and... ... (07-Feb)

The Importance of Small Business

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: Could I start my remarks today with a congratulations to the Labor Party for at least being able to get two out of three of their members who have a small business background to speak on this matter which concerns small business. So congratulations to the Labor Party, bec... ... (07-Feb)

Federal Government health cuts must be reversed

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: I rise to condemn in the strongest possible terms the federal government's cut of $107 million to the Victorian health system. In my own electorate of Aston, local residents will suffer because, as a result of these cuts, Eastern Health has been forced to announce that th... ... (06-Feb)

Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Income Support Bonus) Bill

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: I rise to speak on the Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Income Support Bonus) Bill, the purpose of which is to provide two extra cash payments to certain income support recipients. As you would be aware, this bill comes out of a package which the Prime Min... ... (06-Feb)

National Gambling Reform Bill 2012

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  I rise to also speak on the National Gambling Reform Bill 2012 and the two other bills before us. I say at the outset that I am not a huge fan of pokies. In fact, I have great difficulty with them because of their social consequences, their impact on many people wit... ... (29-Nov)

Reprt by the Standing Committee on Education and Employment - Workplace Bullying: we just want it to stop

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  I rise to speak today on the report of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment on Workplace Bullying: we just want it to stop. As a member of the committee, I will make some brief comments on it and note that the chair of that com... ... (28-Nov)

Changes to national driver's licence standards for diabetes sufferers

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra. A drivers licence is critical to everyday life for most Australians. This is why I am so concerned about a new standard introduced by AustRoads and the National Transport Commission that may unfairly deny a licence to thousands of diabetes sufferers. Diabetes sufferers ... ... (31-Oct)

Condolence Motion for Sapper Jordan Ronald Penpraze

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  It seems that there have been too many of these condolence motions lately. It is all too recently that we spoke in this place about five young military men who gave their lives in Afghanistan. Despite the fact that we have had many such motions before, it does not d... ... (30-Oct)

The Future of Online Tertiary Education

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  Our higher education sector is set for a massive transformation whether we like it or not. Just as the newspaper and retailing industries are facing huge disruptions due to the internet so too will the education sector. It will be immensely challenging to existing i... ... (30-Oct)

Dental Benefits Amendment Bill 2012

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  We have sat here for 15 minutes listening to the member for Moreton, but he barely, if at all, discussed any reason as to why the government are cutting the Chronic Disease Dental Scheme, which is the central focus of this bill, the Dental Benefits Amendment Bill 20... ... (09-Oct)

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