Reverend David Devine

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: I would like to pay tribute to a man whom we are losing from the Knox community, the Reverend David Devine. For the last 15 years, Reverend Devine has been the pastor at the Rowville Baptist Church. Last Sunday, however, he announced that he would be stepping down from ... ... (21-Jun)

Raising the bar in education

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: I rise tonight to speak on raising the bar in education. In this Olympic year as we see countries vie to be the best in sport I want to say: why not in education? Our country has been prosperous, free and harmonious for such a long time that our children should be at ... ... (20-Jun)

Government MPI - Financial Relief Carbon Price

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: I rise to also speak on this matter of public importance. It asks us to discuss the facts about the carbon tax. We on this side of the House are very happy to talk about the facts about the carbon tax. In fact, we will talk about them day in, day out right up until the ... ... (31-May)

Rev. Lawrence Turnbull

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: Just in the short minute or so that we have remaining, I would like to inform the House today that a very significant man in our local community passed away a couple of weeks ago, the Rev. Lawrence Turnbull. He was the minister at the Holy Name Church in Vermont Sout... ... (31-May)

Clean Energy Finance Corporation

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: There is a long list of terrible programs introduced by this appalling government: pink batts, green loans, $700 set-top boxes, cash for clunkers—I could go on. But the program which underpins and is proposed by this Clean Energy Finance Corporation Bill 2012 in front of ... ... (30-May)

Knox Sporting Infrastructure

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: Sport is a massive part of our culture. We watch it, we follow it and we participate in it in great numbers. In my electorate of Aston we participate in all types of sport in enormous numbers. It is one of the real strengths of our community, because big sporting clubs, i... ... (30-May)

Coastal Shipping Reform

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: I rise to speak against these shipping reform bills, the Shipping Reform (Tax Incentives) Bill 2012 and related bills. I do so because they are fundamentally protectionist in nature and will increase the cost of shipping, which will then flow through to almost every pro... ... (28-May)

Gambling reform

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA:  It is very easy as an Independent to take the moral high ground on gambling issues with some simple propositions, as the member for Lyne has outlined in this motion. But it is frequently more complex than what the Independents would have you believe. As the member f... ... (28-May)

Motion on Newstart allowance

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA:  Why are we debating this motion today and this year? Why are business leaders calling for Newstart to go up today? Why are some welfare agencies calling for Newstart to go up today? Why given that Newstart has not changed that much over the last few years but has be... ... (28-May)

Appropriations Bills

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA: I also rise to speak on the appropriations bills before us. These appropriations bills, of course, form this year's federal budget. They were not just a missed opportunity but irresponsible given the economic situation that we find ourselves in. Our high-level number... ... (22-May)

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