Entries for February 2013

The impact of the rising cost of living

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: I would like to use the opportunity of this debate on Appropriation Bill (No. 3) 2012-2013 and Appropriation Bill (No. 4) 2012-2013 to express my concern about rising cost-of-living pressures hitting residents in my electorate and across Australia, and to express my disma... ... (13-Feb)

3 Minute Statement - Changes to the Private Health Insurance Rebate to hurt Knox locals

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: I rise to express my concern about the proposed cuts to the private health insurance rebate. Private health insurance is very important in my electorate—70 per cent of my residents take out private health insurance. I represent a very middle-class electorate. It is not ov... ... (13-Feb)

Australian Education Bill 2012

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: The Australian Education Bill 2012 is an extraordinary bill and this is an extraordinary debate, because we are discussing a bill which expressly says that it does not create rights or duties that are legally enforceable. I believe that this will be unique in Australian h... ... (13-Feb)

Supporting the National Disability Insurance Scheme

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  If we were designing governments from a blank sheet of paper today and determining what should be our priorities to fund from the taxes collected from Australians, I think support for people with disabilities would be among the highest. Supporting people who, throug... ... (11-Feb)

Celebrating the Year of the Snake

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  Yesterday, as you would be aware, hundreds of thousands of Australians and hundreds of millions of people across the world celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year—the Year of the Snake. This is a very special occasion for Chinese people everywhere. Yesterday and on Sa... ... (11-Feb)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People's Recognition Bill 2012

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra:  I rise in support of the Indigenous Recognition Bill before us today. It is appropriate that we debate this bill in the week of the annual Closing the Gap statement. In some regards it brings a symmetry to the debate. Yesterday's statements by the Prime Minister and... ... (07-Feb)

The Importance of Small Business

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: Could I start my remarks today with a congratulations to the Labor Party for at least being able to get two out of three of their members who have a small business background to speak on this matter which concerns small business. So congratulations to the Labor Party, bec... ... (07-Feb)

Federal Government health cuts must be reversed

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: I rise to condemn in the strongest possible terms the federal government's cut of $107 million to the Victorian health system. In my own electorate of Aston, local residents will suffer because, as a result of these cuts, Eastern Health has been forced to announce that th... ... (06-Feb)

Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Income Support Bonus) Bill

PARLIAMENT HOUSE, Canberra: I rise to speak on the Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Income Support Bonus) Bill, the purpose of which is to provide two extra cash payments to certain income support recipients. As you would be aware, this bill comes out of a package which the Prime Min... ... (06-Feb)

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