Welfare lobby blind to reality

The Australian: It is almost impossible to imagine the day that the Australian Council of Social Service advocates tackling welfare dependency. Last week, it said it would never support any individual at any time having to wait before they access welfare payments. Not even for a month. This is ... ... (08-Sep)

Creating a more mobile workforce

The Herald Sun: STARTING this week, those who have struggled to find work will be eligible for up to $6000 to move location to take up a job. This means a Victorian who decides to take up work in a vineyard in the Yarra Valley or a mine in Queensland could claim $6000 for moving, and another $3... ... (04-Jul)

Mr Shorten, more money, failed policies won’t help indigenous people

The Australian: BILL Shorten’s critique of the ­government’s indigenous policy is disappointing and misguided. Last week, on this page, he criticised the government for its budget savings of 4.5 per cent in indigenous specific programs. “A brutal and heartless cut”, the Opposition Leader wrote... ... (25-Jun)

Welfare benefits a broad church

The Australian: THE Australian Council of ­Social Services’ critique of the Abbott government’s “earn or learn” policy may be well-­intentioned, but it is misguided. ACOSS fails to acknowledge that while the present system supports the vulnerable it also creates welfare dependence, just as... ... (17-Jun)

It's your choice: earn or learn

The Australian: ONE of the most insidious results of slower economic growth and welfarist policies is high youth unemployment. The latest figures showed youth unemployment rising to 12.7 per cent. Long-term youth unemployment is now three times higher than at the end of the Howard government. Youth... ... (12-May)

Labor all talk, no action

Australian Financial Review:  Opposition Leader Bill Shorten last week outlined his vision for a modernised Labor Party in which trade unions would have diminished influence. Missing, however, was any mention of policy. There was discussion about tweaking preselection rules and eligibility for ... ... (29-Apr)

Getting off the welfare train

The Australian: In the indigenous employment figures released last month, one statistic stands out: only 30 per cent of working-age people in remote communities have a job. Among 17 to 24-year-olds, only 18 per cent are fully engaged in work or study. The government wants the people in remote c... ... (09-Apr)

Harness goodwill to close the gap on employment

The Australian: THE latest figures reveal that the indigenous employment gap is getting worse, not better. When prime minister Kevin Rudd made the apology to indigenous Australians in 2008, he invited indigenous and non-indigenous Australians to work in partnership to close the indigenous emp... ... (23-Jan)

False barriers to useful work

Alan Tudge The Australian   "YES we can". Barack Obama's slogan in the 2008 election campaign was a masterstroke in changing the mindset from one of problems to shared optimism. The clear intent was to focus on what could be done, not what could not.   This same mindset shift is desp... ... (05-Nov)

Academia can’t be limited to 26 weeks

Australian Financial Review Despite students living in a 24/7 world, the academic calendar remains firmly rooted in the past, dictating that students can learn for only half the year. It is an anomaly which makes little sense in today’s world and should change. Faster learning would reduce student’... ... (27-May)

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