Communal despair begins with alcohol abuse

The Australian:Having agreed with East Kimberley leaders to implement the cashless welfare debit card, the government is now receiving ­requests across Western Australia for its introduction. In most cases the requests are from council or community leaders who are desperate about the situation of th... ... (20-Jan)

Like smoking, we can stamp out ice addiction

The Herald Sun:IT is a little known fact that Australia has one of the lowest smoking rates in the world, but one of the highest rates of illicit drug use. Worse, among men in their 20s, one in 30 took the destructive drug ice last year — and the numbers continue to grow. I believe drug-taking is a ... ... (07-Dec)

Like smoking, we can stamp out ice addiction

The Tide is Turning for Indigenous Australians

The Australian: The overwhelming feeling from the Prime Minister’s visit to indigenous communities late last month was optimism. That the tide may be turning and conditions slowly but steadily improving. In the seemingly intractable area of remote indigenous disadvantage, have we turned the cor... ... (07-Sep)

Solution to grog on the cards

The Australian:What responsibility should we have over how welfare is delivered to those in need? Since the introduction of federal unemployment benefits in 1944, the government has provided welfare in cash. The reason is expedience: dropping cash into an account is simpler and cheaper than the trad... ... (19-Aug)

Zaky Mallah’s freedom of speech does not mean a media platform

The Australian: If a man called for the public gang rape of two prominent women, what would be your response? Revulsion? Outrage? How about giving the man a taxpayer-funded megaphone, live and unvetoed, with a million people listening? This is what the ABC did when they gave the microp... ... (29-Jun)

The case for indigenous constitutional recognition

The Australian:Greg Sheridan provides a seductively simple argument why indigenous people should not be recognised in the constitution: we are all equal citizens and no one should be recognised constitutionally because of their race or heritage. We must move beyond race and treat people as individua... ... (11-Jun)

Creating an indigenous enterprise culture through government procurement

Australian Financial Review: On Tuesday night, leaders of the corporate and indigenous community gathered at Darling Harbour for the Supply Nation Gala dinner which recognises indigenous entrepreneurship across the nation. I wish the night could be attended by all Australians because it shows t... ... (28-May)

Give states revenue responsibility to improve efficiency

The Australian: Sitting alongside the Tax White Paper is the development of the Federation White Paper.  It may not get people as excited as tax changes, but federation reform could be equally far-reaching. This will be on the agenda for the COAG leaders meeting this week. There is a gene... ... (17-Apr)

Cut debt or face a Greek future

The Australian: Earlier this week, Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen again sought to “inject some context into the budget debate” by comparing our relatively low debt levels with those of other countries, particularly European ones. This is the constant argument from those who dismiss Australia’s de... ... (18-Mar)

Template in place for progress in indigenous communities

The Australian: NICOLAS Rothwell is one of the most thoughtful writers on indigenous matters, but his critique of federal government policy fails to comprehend the stark shift that is under way — in priorities, governance and practical action. This shift will not result in communities being tur... ... (07-Feb)

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